Covid-19 by county


Covid-19 County data

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Creator Chris Byrne
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Public Sector Body HSE
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Created 10 months ago
Dúnta 9 months ago
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Current Discussion

  • Chris (Unauthenticated user) (10 months ago)

    @Niall I've the CSV as rows and cols here (see credits button) -hopefully they will update this every day,

  • Chris (Unauthenticated user) (10 months ago)

    @niall CSV is available from arcgis but not sure what the correct link would be for HSE. For example, this is the CSV link from the John Hopkins University arcgis:*&orderByFields=Country_Region%20asc%2CProvince_State%20asc&outSR=102100&resultOffset=0&resultRecordCount=250&cacheHint=true

  • Niall (Unauthenticated user) (10 months ago)

    The raw data needs to be made available also - the dashboard is useful but does not make the underlying data accessible

  • Open Data Team (Unauthenticated user) (10 months ago)
  • Ilya Malyarenko (Unauthenticated user) (10 months ago)

    Taking into account massive backlog of tests, information on self-isolation figures by county would be of great help. BTW in Hong-Kong they publish this information on building-level basis. This could be an option as well to publish it granularly on EIRCODE level basis.

  • Steve Coughlan (Unauthenticated user) (10 months ago)

    This would be extremely useful in order to create informative GIS products, which are not currently being produced.

  • Adam Byrne (Unauthenticated user) (10 months ago)

    Coronovirus bad

  • Open Data Unit (Unauthenticated user) (10 months ago)

    Request sent to the HSE for consideration on 19/03/20. Open Data Team.