Fire Stations


Details on the location, type, full/part time status, contact info etc for all fire stations in Ireland

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Creator Dave Corley
Organisation OpenStreetMap Ireland
Online URL
Public Sector Body National Directorate for Fire and Emergency Management The Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government Rm. G59 Custom House Dublin 1 D01 W6X0
Potential Use

Upload to OpenStreetMap, community resource, GIS analysis for response times, coverage etc

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Current Discussion

  • steve white (Unauthenticated user) (6 bliana ó shin)

    where the fire stations conver is the more interesting question

  • MBeakey (7 mbliana ó shin)

    The Open Data Unit has been advised that this dataset (Fire Stations) is one of those that the Local Authority Open Data Team will work on agreeing a common schema and for the data to be published as Open Data. This data is shared on maps by most Local Authorities on;