Boundary data of the national park(s). "Story map" is available on but the boundary data is not available yet.

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Creator OscarBrownbread
Organisation openstreetmap volenteer
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Public Sector Body National Parks and Wildlife Service
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for mapping the borders of our national park, e.g. openstreetmap, walking maps, hiking websites etc.

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Created 7 mbliana ó shin
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Current Discussion

  • OscarBrownbread (Unauthenticated user) (7 mbliana ó shin)

    Oh thanks for the help.

  • MBeakey (7 mbliana ó shin)

    The Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht has advised that the National Parks boundary datasets are currently being reviewed as part of an on-going NPWS Property Management project. The boundaries will be released on a Park-by-Park basis as they are finalised - to speed up release. It is planned to release the first of the boundary datasets as Open Data sets to by Q3 this year in line with the NPWS Open Data Policy - Open Data Unit 22/2/2017

  • MBeakey (7 mbliana ó shin)

    Referred to the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht for consideration 22/02/2017 - Open Data Unit