Parking Meters location tariffs and zones in DCC

Arna fhoilsiú ag: Dublin City Council
43 Cosúil
Téama: Transport
Tuairimí: 24547
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Transport and Infrasutcture Parking meters for Dublin City. Includes location, code, No of spaces per street (PD-Pay and Display D Disc Parking), exact location, data install, tariff (cost per hour), nearest location of pay and display, clearway, if clearway conditions in operation (No parking or stopping during the hours indicated on the street sign), further information, finished, x coordinate, y coordinate, tariff zone (see map) and Parking Voucher outlets and locations Spatial projection: IG

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Resource: DCC Voucher Outlets in Datastore via GeoServer


Datastore resource derived from "DCC Voucher Outlets" in this resource, available in CKAN and GeoServer Store

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Data Dictionary

Column Cineál Label Description
Name varchar
Address_1 varchar
Address_2 varchar
County varchar
x float4
y float4
Longitude varchar
Latitude varchar
the_geom geometry

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