National Survey of Native Woodlands 2003-2008

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The National Survey of Native Woodlands in Ireland included the survey of 1,217 woodland sites across all 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland during 2003-2007. Site selection was carried out using the Forest Inventory Planning System 1998 (FIPS) and local knowledge. Surveys comprised the recording of site species lists and information at the site level on topography, management, grazing, natural regeneration, geographical situation, adjacent habitat types, invasive species, dead wood and boundaries. Relevés were recorded in each of the main stand types identified at each site. For each relevé, data were recorded on vascular plant and bryophyte cover abundance, soil type and soil chemistry, notable lichens, stand structure, and natural regeneration. Data were also incorporated from a number of external sources.

This shapefile contains the digitised boundaries of all sites surveyed as part of NSNW 2003-2007, as well as additional sites surveyed by van der Sleesen and Poole (2002) during the pilot study, and by Browne et al. (2000), Fernandez et al. (2005), van der Sleesen (unpublished data), Kelly and Fuller (unpublished data) and Smith (unpublished data) in additional studies, which were incorporated into the results of NSNW 2003-2007. Boundaries of all 1,320 sites reported on in Perrin et al. (2008) are included in this shapefile.

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Eolas Dualfhoinse Process steps: NSNW_Woodland_Habitats shapefile submitted to NPWS (Perrin et al. 2008) was edited following consultation with field maps, site synopses and other information to produce the accurate digitised site boundaries held in this shapefile. The NSNW_Woodland_Habitats shapefile was itself based partly on information from the FIPS database (FIPS, 1998). Associated attribute data are as follows [text in square brackets refers to the actual field name in the attributes table]: - [FID] = Unique polygon ID. - [Shape] = Attribute type (always Polygon for this shapefile). - [UNIQUE_DIS] = Redundant field, relevant to a previous FIPS analysis in 2003; recommend this be deleted from this shapefile. - [COUNT] = Number of polygons in site. - [SITE_CODE] = NSNW Site number. - [COUNTY] = Name(s) of County in which site (NOT POLYGON) is located. - [H_FOSSCODE] = Level 3 habitat code in Fossitt (2000); may contain several habitats, separated by “/”, if habitats occur as a mosaic (this information derived primarily from field map and relevé data). - [H_FOSSDESC] = Full description of Fossitt (2000) habitat code. - [H_EU_CODE] = Habitats Directive (Annex I) woodland habitat code, if applicable (this information is derived from the Woodland_Releves_2010 shapefile – see below). Two other values possible: 1) A dash “-“if definitely not Annex I woodland (as determined from relevé); 2) ND if Annex status is not determined (due to insufficient data, e.g. no relevé). - [H_EU_DESC] = Habitats Directive description, if applicable. Two other values possible: 1) Not Determined (see above); 2) Non-Annex. - [NSNW_CODE] = NSNW vegetation type code, determined by analysis of relevés in Perrin et al. (2008). - [NSNW_DESC] = NSNW vegetation type description, from Perrin et al. (2008). - [COVERAGE] = percentage Fossitt habitat composition of the polygon (note: NOT the percentage composition of the overall site). This is always 100% for non-mosaic polygons. For mosaic polygons, the value may be taken from the General Site Data (Blue) sheet found in individual site packs, an estimated figure arrived at by surveyors after survey of the site, or from a combination of the estimated figure and the accurate area provided by GIS. • [SAC] = SAC code if site is wholly or partially in an SAC. • [PARCEL_NO] = Redundant field; formerly held the FIPS parcel numbers which intersect with that polygon. However, as site polygons may intersect with a large number of FIPS polygons, including, in many cases, minute slivers, it is preferable that this NSNW_Woodland_Habitats_2010 shapefile be viewed in tandem with the FIPS layer, or that an intersect be carried out between the two as required for individual sites. The field has, therefore, been left blank in this shapefile. It is recommended that this field be deleted from this shapefile. • [MAP_BASE] = Aerial photograph series used for mapping. Three possible values: 1) 2000 = 2000 AP series; used for sites surveyed 2003-2004; 2) 2005 = 2005 AP series; used for sites surveyed 2005-2007 3) 2000, 2005 = Both series used; in a small number of cases, both series had to be viewed for more accurate digitisation of the site. • [INITIALS] = Initials of BEC person who digitised site. • [ESTIMATE] = an indication of the degree of certainty of the habitat boundary. Y was entered here if the habitat boundary was unclear from the aerial photograph or hand-drawn field map; an entry was made in the NSNW_Site_Issues.xls spreadsheet submitted as part of this project. • [AREA] = Area of polygon in square metres.