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This database contains records of boreholes, dug wells, springs, and site investigations. Data are derived from GSI drilling, fieldwork and surveys, Local Authorities and other state bodies, Private Well Grants, Drillers, Consultants, Group Water Schemes and Academia. It is NOT a comprehensive database, and the locations of records have different precisions depending on the source data.

APPLICATION OF DATA: Although we try to ensure the information is as reliable as possible, the GSI takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data. It is important to note that it is NOT a comprehensive database and is not a comprehensive list of all the wells in any one area.

Due attention must be paid to the location accuracy given with each well record, which ranges from 10m to more than 1km (townland accuracy).

Digital files are updated periodically and users are responsible for obtaining the latest version of the data.

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Eolas Dualfhoinse Data sources include but are not limited to: GSI field work and surveys, Local Authorities - Public Water Supplies and Private Well Grants, Group Water Schemes, Consultants, Other State bodies, Academic research. Data have been acquired and processed for the purpose of many projects, mainly County Groundwater Protection Schemes and Water Framework Directive . The level of detail and precision of records in the database is a reflection of the information sources. Location information is manually assessed from site maps or townland names where grid references are not supplied. Well yield data are often estimates while drilling; GSI has made its best attempts to choose data that reflect long-term sustainable yields from these various information sources.
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