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Dublin Region Economic Indicators 13 Regional Economic Indicators to monitor economic development in the Dublin City Region (4 Dublin Local Authorities combined), to accompany Dublin's first quarterly Economic Monitor Report. Data in separate worksheets includes: M 50 Toll Traffic, Office Rents (Q4 Table only), Sectoral Employment, Services Employment, Property Price Index, Dublin Port Tonnage, PRTB Residential Rents, Unemployment Rate, Office Vacancy Rates (Q4 Table only), Airport Arrivals, Public Transport, National Unemployment, Exchange Rates. Date ranges vary for each dataset. Report available in pdf format.

Data Resources (11)

Unemployment Index
Employment by Sector
Dublin and national residential property price index
Dublin housing completions and commencements
The level of public transport usage in Dublin
Dublin Airport passenger arrivals
Dublin Port Tonnage
Consumer sentiment in Dublin
Sentiment Expectation index for Dublin
The Consumer Sentiment Index for Dublin.

Data Resource Preview - Data Indicator 1 - Unemployment CTDT

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Date dataset released 2016-04-28
Date dataset updated 2020-03-25
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Geographic coverage Dublin City
OR: specify what period of time the dataset covers 2008/01/01 - 2016/12/31