Open Data Training

18 Aibreán 2024

Are you compliant with the EU Open Data Directive?


Open data has evolved from a best practice process into a legal requirement for all public sector organisations throughout Ireland. It’s crucial that public sector organisations fully understand and efficiently implement their legal obligations under the new Open Data Directive.


“This directive mandates that all public data must be accessible to the public, reusable, and kept up-to-date.” – European Commission.

Benefits of open data

Open data has become law for good reason. There are a whole number of benefits that come with opening up public sector data – for citizens, for organisations and for Ireland’s economic growth more broadly. These include;


  • Efficiency and cost savings: Organisations can streamline operations and save resources by using open data to improve service delivery, optimise resource allocation, and reduce redundant efforts.


  • Innovation and economic growth: Open data creates an abundance of new opportunities for public and private sector organisations to develop new technology and services, which drive economic growth and innovation.


  • Improved services: Access to cross-sector data helps organisations gain a more accurate understanding of the needs and preferences of Ireland’s citizens, allowing them to develop more tailored and effective public services.


  • Data-driven decisions and solutions: Access to open data enables organisations to make more informed and evidence-based decisions based on a wealth of data, which can be used to address complex societal challenges and provide more effective solutions.


  • Transparency, reputation and trust: Open data promotes transparency by making all public sector activities and decisions more accessible. This transparency fosters accountability and trust in government and all related public bodies.          


                                                Empowering Irish Public Sector Staff:


UrbanTide’s Tailored Open Data Training Courses


For the last six years, UrbanTide has collaborated closely with the Open Data Unit in the Department of Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform, delivering vital open data training to public sector organisations.


All course content is suitable for beginners and those with existing data management experience. The focus is to provide deep insight and practical training that participants can apply from day one.


  • General Introduction to Open Data - Develop knowledge and understanding of what open data is and what it means for citizens and the public sector  8th May 2024, €75 per person


  • Introduction to the Open Data Directive - Learn what Public Sector Bodies need to do following the new EU Open Data Directive and how to do it  9th May 2024, €96 per person.


  • Open Data Audits and Data Publication - Develop more practical knowledge about publishing open data in line with the Open Data Publication Guidelines  TBC September/October 2024? €96 per person.


  • Introduction to Data Analytics and Visualisation - Learn how to work with analytics to create insight and visualisations that engage 24th & 25th April 2024 or 22nd & 23rd May 2024, €160 per person.


  • Data Anonymisation Techniques - Anonymisation enables data to be published without breaching data protection principles through de-personalisation and aggregation 5th June 2024, €160 per person.#


  • Introduction to Linked Data - Recommended best practice for exposing, sharing, and connecting pieces of data 16th May 2024, €160 per person.


Training bookings can be made directly via the Eventbrite booking page:


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