Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI) Webinars

18 Aibreán 2024

Big Data Test Infrastructure Webinars


The momentum for data-driven innovation is stronger than ever. By embracing Open Data principles and accessing the technologies to manage large volumes of this data, public institutions can unlock new opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and societal impact. If you are eager to harness the power of data, you can explore the resources offered by Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI).


The Open Data Unit attended five Webinars hosted by the European Commission about access to data analytics tools, encouraging the re-use of public sector data. The BDTI initiative is provided under the Digital Europe Programme by the Directorate General for Informatics - Data Services (DG DIGIT) and the Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CNECT). The primary objective of the Digital Europe Programme is to advancee economic recovery while guiding the digital evolution of European society. This programme enhances the accessibility, quality, and re-use of public sector data in alignment with the Open Data Directive.


Large-scale open data management in Europe presents strategic opportunities for fostering cross-border collaborations and innovation.   Harmonising data standards and interoperability frameworks, enables  seamless exchange and utilisation of data across healthcare, transportation, and environmental sectors.


The BDTI webinars delved into various aspects of data analysis, cleaning, transformation, blending, and visualisation. This empowers public institutions to make informed decisions and drive positive change. Equipped with open-source tools and guided by expert advisors, you can learn to navigate through vast datasets, extracting meaningful insights and crafting actionable strategies for the public good. With tools like KNIME and guided by best practices, you can improve your skills in preparing and refining datasets, ensuring their accuracy, completeness, and relevance. The importance of data quality emerged as a cornerstone of effective decision-making. The final session on "Gathering Data from the Web and Geo Visualization" showcased innovative techniques to augment analytics with external data sources and geographic insights. These webinars can enrich your analyses with dynamic, real-time data, enabling more informed decisions in a rapidly evolving landscape.


The recent BDTI webinar recordings can be accessed through the following link: