COVID-19 HSE Daily Vaccination Figures

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ExtractDate Extract Date Date the data is Extracted

Latitude Latitude  

Longitude Longitude  

VaccinationDate Vaccination Date Date the Vaccination occurred

Dose1 Dose 1  

Dose2 Dose 2  

SingleDose Single Dose  

Dose1Cum Dose 1 Cumulative  

Dose2Cum Dose 2 Cumulative  

SingleDoseCum Single Dose Cumulative  

PartiallyVacc At Least One Dose This is Dose 1 Cumulative  + Single Dose Cumulative

FullyVacc Fully Vaccinated This is Dose 2 Culmulative + Single Dose Cumulative

PopOver12 Population Over 12 Population Over 12 using CSO Population estimates 2021

PartialPercent % At Least One Dose of Pop. over age 12 Formula: At Least One Dose/ Population Over 12

FullyPercent % Fully vaccinated of Pop. over age 12 Formula: Fully Vaccinated/ Population Over 12

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Date updated 2024-05-13
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