COVID-19 HSE Daily Booster Vaccination Figures

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ExtractDate Extract Date Date the data is Extracted

VaccinationDate Vaccination Date Date the Vaccination occurred

VaccineText Vaccine Text Date the Vaccination occurred

AdditionalDose Additional Dose  

AdditionalDoseCum Additional Dose Cumulative  

ImmunoDose ImmunocompromisedDose  

ImmunoDoseCum ImmunocompromisedDoses Cumulative  

PerBoosterDose PerBoosterDose  

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Date released 2021-11-02
Date updated 2022-04-01
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RE: Vaccine cert - Booster or New vaccine dosages? Created 02.25.2022 14:12

Hi, I just got a question in regard to my covid certificate. I was vaccinated with Pfizer and my 2nd dosage was on 23-08-2021. I see on the gov website that the cert is only valid for travel for no more than 270 days passed, which means nine months, so @mid-May my cert should expire. What do I do? Get again Pfizer both dosages to continue having my certificate active or will the booster just do that automatically? How does it work? Could you please advise, thanks very much