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A comprehensive database of active quarries pits and mines in the R.O.I., constantly updated and available as digital products. The database contains information such as quarry products, location and contact details and production data.

Main data sources during the data compilation stage were: Geological Maps of varying scales, literature and company records, local authorities, consultants’ records, Field Investigations, Exploration Reports, Mine Production Reports and Mine Plans

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Theme Arts
Date dataset updated 2010-11-26
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Language English
Geographic coverage in GeoJSON format {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-10.317559, 51.531406],[-10.317559, 55.260677], [-6.028678, 55.260677], [-6.028678, 51.531406], [-10.317559, 51.531406]]]}
Spatial Reference Systems (SRS) TM65 / Irish Grid (EPSG:29902)
Provenance information Dataset downloaded August 2010 from;

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