Co. Mayo Bring Bank Recycling Facilities

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Bring Bank - Recycling bank facilities in County Mayo. There are two main types of recycling facilities in Mayo for use by householders: Recycling bring banks which are located strategically across the County allowing you to dispose of your recyclable waste at a time that suits you. These are the familiar "bottle banks" and contain facilities where the public can recycle bottles and jars as well as drink cans. The type of items that can be brought to a site depends on the containers at each location.
Recycling centres (or civic amenity sites as they are also known) are a newer development. They consist of a wide range of recycling facilities, from car batteries to plastic bottles. There are two such facilities in Mayo, Rathroeen, Killala Road, Ballina and Derrinumera, on the Castlebar-Newport Road.

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