Update on availability of the Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) API

January 2, 2019


The National Transport Authority has provided an update on the availability of the RTPI API - see below.

Please find a schedule of proposed times when the open source Real Time API will be made available in January 2019. The API BI stats are showing tens of thousands of searches per hour throughout the night (00.30 – 05.00) when no public transport services or limited services are running. The evidence from the stats potentially points towards Real Time data search requests being cashed and then resent to 3rd party customers.

API fair usage schedule for January

Action / API traffic


Switch ON

Wednesday 2nd January 2:00 pm

Switch OFF

Friday 4th January 4:30pm

Switch ON

Tuesday 8th January at 10:00 am

Switch OFF

Friday 11th January 4:30pm

Switch ON

Tuesday 15th January at 10:00 am

Switch OFF

Friday 18th January 4:30pm

Switch ON

Tuesday 22nd January at 10:00 am

Switch OFF

Friday 25th January 4:30pm



The current API environment is no longer able to cope with the sheer volume of requests over a 24 hour period and that is why the NTA is building a new GTFS R environment to be scalable to future proof the open source data set.

This new GTFS R project is currently being developed by the NTA and we would hope to be able to confirm a proposed go live date over the coming weeks.

Fair Usage

Unfortunately due to excessive repeat Real Time searches the open source API will have limited access until the new scalable GTFS R environment has been deployed in early 2019.