Open Data Impact Stories

May 11, 2020

We are delighted that the Open Data portal now includes a number of Open Data Impact Stories.   

The goal of the Impact Stories feature is to give examples of current use of open data while also telling a story with the data and in doing so directly demonstrating the impact of open data.

The first Impact Story is a visualisation of Dublinbikes usage over the course of a working week in April and shows the movement of bikes across the city.    As the working day progresses you can see the movement of bikes to and from commercial and residential zones.

The second Impact Story is a visualisation of people waiting on an outpatient/inpatient appointment in Irish hospitals over a period of time which can be filtered by length of time waiting, speciality and age profile

We hope to add to these Impact Stories over time.

The creation of these Impact Stories supports the actions in the national Open Data Strategy 2017-2022 to assess the impact and benefits of open data.

Another key theme of the Data Strategy is to promote the reuse of open data.  Take time to check out the ‘Showcase’ feature on the portal which contains a number of examples of how open data from the portal has been reused including in the development of applications, websites and visualisations.