Engagement Fund Winners 2022/23

8 December 2022

The applications received under the 2022/2023 Open Data Engagement Fund call for funding proposals were assessed by a sub-committee of the Open Data Governance Board. 

Congratulations to the winning applicants, which are listed below.   We look forward to seeing the completed projects in 2023.


Engagement Fund Applicant

Project Details

Engagement Fund award

John Huggard, DataSoc, UCD

DataSoc will host a two-day virtual hackathon for third-level students in January 2022. 

Students will compete in teams to design an optimal implementation plan for developing the economy (wording TBC) derived from their analysis of Open Data datasets. During the weekend, teams will be mentored by experienced professionals and speakers will give insightful talks about data science. A panel of judges will choose the winning teams, with spot prizes for the best use of data science and the best Covid-related solution.


Jyothi Thomas, Dublin City Council

Dublin Air Quality Data Hackathon 2023 will be a 2-day data hackathon aimed at developing innovative solutions, prototypes or proof of concepts to unlock the potential of granular and hyperlocal city air quality data captured as part of project ‘Airview Dublin’.  The outcomes of the hackathon are expected to help measure impacts of city improvement projects, create awareness on the current statistics of the pollutants present in the air and persuade public to consider opting for active travel, switch to eco-friendly automobiles, and upgrading to vehicles that are designed to produce less emission.


Mark O’Leary, eTownz

This project will use open data sources to associate census data points on a county level basis, using a comparative methodology against national/county averages/benchmarks.

We will use 4 primary themes – Health & Wellbeing, Business, Development and Environment. 

It will create multi-level dashboards for each of the above items, to show comparisons across counties to give better visibility on the demographic data relevant to each theme.


Barry Rodgers, SmartDublin

The Dublin Smart Tourism Open Data Challenge 2022 Smart Tourism is a model for supporting innovation and driving positive transformation within destinations. It uses technology, data analysis and digitalisation to build a more accessible, sustainable and equitable destination ultimately creating more inclusive prosperity for locals and a better experience for visitors.