Engagement Fund Winners 2021/2022

13 December 2021

The applications received under the 2021/2022 Open Data Engagement Fund call for funding proposals were assessed by a sub-committee of the Open Data Governance Board. 

Congratulations to the winning applicants, which are listed below.   We look forward to seeing the completed projects in 2022.


Project Details

Funding Awarded

Michael Beakey

To enhance the existing active-travel-counts web app (https://www.active-travel-counts.ie/) as follows:

• Online interactive workshop for the following purposes:

• to showcase the benefits of data analysis/ data visualization of open data

• Implement any enhancements (where feasible) that are requested in the workshop within a time frame of 2-3 months


Barry Doyle, Heritage Section, Galway County Council

To support citizens in connecting with their past by unlocking valuable graveyard data sources.

The Heritage Section and GIS Section of Galway County Council have recently collaborated to develop a digital survey to replace previous paper based and semi digital methods used for carrying out surveys of graves (memorials) within graveyards in County Galway.  The Heritage Section would now like to develop and implement a public facing application to the data collected to enable users to search for graves of interest and return detailed information, as well as provide a mechanism for the publication and download of the data collected openly through the Council’s Open Data Portal and data.gov.ie.


Saoirse Kelders, DataSoc, UCD

To host a two-day virtual hackathon for third-level students in January 2022. The theme of the hackathon is “The Future of Transport”.

Students will compete in teams to design an optimal implementation plan for electric vehicle infrastructure derived from their analysis of Open Data datasets. During the weekend, teams will be mentored by experienced professionals and speakers will give insightful talks about data science. A panel of judges will choose the winning teams, with spot prizes for the best use of data science.


Ellie Berry, Tough Soles

To look at how land is allocated, used, and visually represented through the many open data sets around our different environmental habitats.

By researching what makes up the different parts of Ireland, I will create artwork that focuses on showcasing a wider variety of what exists here, as well as breaking down stereotypes, and educating people on a wider spectrum of what one can find and experience here in Ireland.


Pat Kennedy, eTownz

To use a variety of open data sources related to health service providers, population profiles & geographic boundaries, health related data and environmental data to create a dashboard which provides insight into;

-Health care provision in Ireland

- Focus on x5 health conditions (provisional)

- Dementia (Relevant data: age profiles/region,

health service providers,

- Lung disease (Hospital)


- Plus x 2 others


Dr Richard Hayes, WIT

To create a piece of research using specific datasets to investigate how to:

support the creation of efficiencies within Public Bodies; or

- assist in government decision making; or

- demonstrate trends in social topics to help address current issues in the public interest; or

- interesting and tangible insights into public policy issues (such as housing, environment, transport, etc.).


Luke Binns, Smart Dublin

To engage relevant stakeholders from the Dublin local authorities as well as from the policy arena and civil society groups to help promote a Climate Action Data Challenge, evaluate the competitors, and potentially implement some of the solutions developed through the competition.  We would like to build on last year’s Challenge and promote engagement with recently published datasets in the environment category. Through this initiative, we anticipate actionable ideas, insights and interventions that make a lasting impact on climate action and be used to promote open data impact going forward.