Traffic signals and SCATS sites locations DCC

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Locations of junctions and pedestrian crossings with traffic lights and SCATS sites’ detectors within the Dublin City Council administrative area.

SCATS – SCATS (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System) is an adaptive urban traffic management system that synchronises traffic signals to optimise traffic flow across a whole city, region or corridor. Attributes:

  • SiteID : Site (signal and SCATS Site) identifier

  • Site_Description_Cap : Site description in capital letters

  • Site_Description_Lower: site description in lower case letters

  • Region: refers to SCATS regional servers

  • Lat: Geographic location (Latitude)

  • Long : Geographic location (Longitude)

  • Site_Type : Site type; it has two values: SCATS or Signal Site

    • SCATS means that both SCATS detectors and traffic signals (traffic lights) are present.
    • Signal Site value means that only traffic signals are present.
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Resource: Traffic signals and SCATS DCC (zipped shapefile)


Traffic signals and SCATS locations in Dublin City Council administrative area

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