Permissions to remain granted


Number of permissions to remain granted by INIS by region to include date of registration, length of permission, type of permission, basis of permission (e.g. Stamp 2 - university student or english language student, Stamp 4 - marriage, work permit, de facto etc.), nationality, first permission or repeat.

Additional Info

Creator Liam Tyrrell
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Public Sector Body Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service
Potential Use

understanding of migrant community support needed in different locations; potential use for benchmarking performance in international education and understanding market trends; targeted educational interventions in areas where high number of stamp 4 workers are required; targeted language provision in schools where there are a high number of 2nd language speaking parents (provision of EAL teaching support)

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Created 5 months ago
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Current Discussion

  • paulfitzpatrick (5 months ago)

    Request sent to the D/Justice and Equality for consideration on 27/10/20. Open Data Team.