Election & Referendum Tally Statistics


The full and granular dataset from local and general elections, and from referenda, provided as Open Data within 28 days of any national vote. Each box number, poll station/location, both the tally and official count results etc. listed for interactive assessment of the distribution of votes per party, individual candidate, or binary (referendum) vote. This is within the remit of Kildare County Registrar (currently Ms. Eithne Coughlan)

Additional Info

Creator Election & Referendum Tally Statistics
Organisation Kildare County Council
Online URL
Public Sector Body Kildare County Council, County Registrar Ms. Eithne Coughlan
Potential Use

County-wide political trend analysis (when multiple General/Local elections and referenda are available)

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Current Discussion

  • paulfitzpatrick (over 1 year ago)

    Request sent to Kildare County Council for consideration on 02/03/20. Open Data Team