SFI Gender Dashboard 2019

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The data here include SFI research programmes from 2011 that were managed end-to-end in SFI’s Grants and Awards Management System. Programmes were gradually managed through the Grants and Awards Management System from 2011, and therefore awards made under programmes prior to 2011 were excluded as these data were not available. Furthermore, non-research funded programmes (e.g. education and public engagement grants) and programmes where SFI simply provided the funding to another organisation who solicit and process the applications, for example the Wellcome Trust, Royal Society, Joint Funding initiatives etc., were also excluded.

The data include awards offered by SFI, irrespective of whether the award was accepted or declined by the applicant, as this best represents completion of the SFI peer review process. Where awards were transferred or underwent different ownership after their inception, data were based on the lead applicant’s self-declared gender at the time the award decision was made and currently reflects a binary categorisation of gender, e.g. male or female (with exclusions as described previously) between 2011 and 2018.

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Resource: SFI Gender Dashboard 2019 - Summary of Data

URL: http://www.sfi.ie/about-us/women-in-science/gender/SFI-Gender-Dashboard-Data-Summary.pdf

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