OPW Hydrometric Network Real-time Water Level Data

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Abstract: This data shows real-time water level data for water monitoring stations in the Office of Public Works hydrometric network for the last five weeks. Water level data is collected using data loggers. A data logger digitally records the water level at set time intervals using a pressure transducer immersed into the water body, or by using an ultrasonic receiver. There are daily, weekly and monthly files, but as all data is on monthly files it is only necessary to download these. Up to date list of hydrometric stations is in geojson file containing longitude & latitude co-ordinates, station name & station ref - http://waterlevel.ie/geojson/. This file must be consulted for latest list of hydrometric stations. Station numbers above 41000 should NOT be used. Only CSV files ending in OD, 0001, 0002 and 0003 should be used where:OD - Water Level in metres from Ordnance Datum (may be either Poolbeg or Malin Head), see each individual station page, accessible from https://waterlevel.ie/ for datum details. 0001 - Water level data in metres, 0002 - Temperature (may be subject to significant heating in warm weather - not representative of water body temperatures) and 0003 - Battery voltage. Times are reported in UTC/GMT. Please note local Irish Summer Time is one hour ahead of this.Purpose: To support Flood Risk Management objectives through the collection of hydrometric data.

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OPW Hydrometric Network Real-time Water Level Data
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Contact Person Hydrometric Section
Contact Person Email waterlevel@opw.ie
Contact Person Telephone (+353) 46 942 2372
Theme Environment
Date released 2012-01-01
Dataset conforms to these standards DCAT
Update frequency Continuously updated
Language English
Landing page http://waterlevel.ie/data/month/
Geographic coverage in GeoJSON format {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-5.5, 55.5], [-5.5, 51.5], [-10.5, 51.5], [-10.5, 55.5], [-5.5, 55.5]]]}
Geographic coverage National
Spatial Reference Systems (SRS) WGS 84 (EPSG:4326)
Spatial Resolution(s) 100m
Provenance information The OPW has operated a national hydrometric network since 1939 consisting of auto-graphic recorders and staff gauges. With the introduction of electronic loggers and telemetry systems www.waterlevel.ie was established in 2012 as a method to gather this information to a centralised location and allow all users open access to the water level data being gathered in real-time. This dataset displays last five weeks (35 days) of data (a 'month') and is updated every 15 minutes.
OR: specify what period of time the dataset covers Displays last five weeks (35 days) of data (a 'month') and is updated every 15 minutes.

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