Multistorey Car Parking Space Availability DCC

Published by: Dublin City Council
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Multi storey Car Parking Space Availability. Dublin City Council's 'Live Parking Spaces' service gathers information from car parks around Dublin to show users parking space availability in key car parks in the central Dublin area. Updated every 5 mins.

Data Resources (3)

Multi Story Car Park Data
Locations of DCC multistory car parks including Lat/ Long

Data Resource Preview - DCC multistory car parks locations

Theme Transport
Date released 2012-01-01
Date updated 2022-01-18
Update frequency Irregular
Language English
Landing page
Geographic coverage Dublin City

Comments [4 ]

Data not up to date Created 01.04.2023 21:37

Is there an updated link for this data? Seems last update was 2021, all the other county councils feeds seem to be working correctly

XML feed Created 04.27.2022 12:36

Correction on the last email, it is 2021 not 2001. Please can you update the feed, it's a really useful resource

XML feed needs updating Created 04.27.2022 12:07

The XML feed supplied is for 2001, please update this

Data dictionary Created 05.22.2020 07:49

Hi  Where can I find te data dictionary for this xml/html file ?  Also, can you please provide more attributes for this data  e.g.  if the parking space is paid or not, if paid then whats the cost  the complete address of the parking space  whats the maximum occupancy present for the parking area, out which how many are occupied (which you are providing)