Kildare County Council Buildings

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This data contains information on the location of administrative and community buildings owned / operated by Kildare County Council. The data was created using GeoDirectory data and KCC data. The data includes Kildare County Council administrative buildings, community centres and other places of interest (e.g. Youth Cafe and Heritage Centre).

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Contact Person GIS Officer Kildare County Council
Theme Government
Date released 2019-07-30
Update frequency Unknown
Language English
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Geographic coverage in GeoJSON format {"type":"Polygon","coordinates":[[[-7.094685794312817, 52.89292777262258],[-7.094685794312817, 53.40546821613401], [-6.4849660938960625, 53.40546821613401], [-6.4849660938960625, 52.89292777262258], [-7.094685794312817, 52.89292777262258]]]}
Geographic coverage Kildare County

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