Hydrodata - Discharge until current month

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Abstract: This data shows discharge estimates for the period of record until the beginning of the current month for water monitoring stations in the Office of Public Works hydrometric network.Purpose: To support Flood Risk Management objectives through the collection of hydrometric data.

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Data Owner Hydrometric Section
Data Owner Email waterlevel@opw.ie
Data Owner Telephone 353469422372
Theme Environment
Update frequency Monthly
Language English
Landing page https://waterlevel.ie/hydro-data/home.html
Geographic coverage National
Provenance information This data is a subset of the water level data allowing access to the archive of discharge estimates. The OPW does not continuously record river flow, but rather estimates it from ratings (stage-discharge relationships) and the recorded water levels. The data may have been subject to validation processes and quality codes applied. The quality codes provide an indicative measure of the reliability and confidence placed on each item of data, and can appear numerically or as a symbol, depending on the format of the data. It should be noted that the majority of the codes are allocated following certain criteria but are subjective, and are not associated with any given confidence limits in terms of percentage, absolute value or standard error. The codes should therefore be used only as an indication of the reliability of the data, and must not be used in any way as justification to waive or forgo any independent verification process appropriate to the proposed use of the data. Please see https://waterlevel.ie/hydro-data/disclaimer.html
OR: specify what period of time the dataset covers From beginning of period of record until start of current month.