2015-2021 Derogation Herd Locations per LEA

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Nitrates derogation provides farmers an opportunity to farm at higher stocking rates when they take extra steps to protect the environment. The Nitrates Derogation allows farmers to exceed the limit of 170kg of livestock manure nitrogen per hectare set down in the Nitrates Regulations, up to a maximum of 250kg per hectare, subject to stricter rules. The derogation is available to grassland farmers on an individual basis.

Where the number of herd derogation's is less than or equal to 5 per LEA (Local Electoral Area) we replaced the LEA with the following symbol: <=5 for GDPR reasons.

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Resource: Derogation Herd Locations 2015-2021 per LEA

URL: https://data.gov.ie/dataset/e5336b6a-c472-473c-acf1-50edc4885366/resource/bbc2cd31-7088-4b84-92e0-4c0caa66253c/download/1-lea_derogations_per_year.csv

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