Hourly Nephelometer Measurements for Carnsore Point 2020

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Hourly nephelometer Measurements for Carnsore Point for year 2020 Atmosphere Chemistry and Climate Change Network (AC3) Station: Carnsore Point (CRP) Coordinates: 52° 10' N, 6° 21' W ALTITUDE: 9 m asl Measurement Height: 6m agl ( 15 m asl ) Site Type: rural background Instrumentation: TSI Integrating Nephelometer 3563 Instrument serial number : TBC Calibration info: Calibrated Annually Data range: Scattering Coefficient and Back Scatter for three wavelength channels One hour average 450 nm (blue) 550 nm (green) 700 nm (red/infrared) Units: meter-1 Time: UTC Data level. Data has QA'd and all spurious/zero/negative values have been removed.

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Hourly Nephelometer Measurements for Carnsore Point 2020
Carnsore Point Nephelometer data for 2020

Data Resource Preview - Hourly Nephelometer Measurements for Carnsore Point 2020

Contact Person Damien Martin
Contact Person Email damien.martin@nuigalway.ie
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Date released 2021-06-24
Date updated 2021-06-24
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Geographic coverage in GeoJSON format {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-6.35, 52.1667]}
Geographic coverage Carnsore Point
Spatial Reference Systems (SRS) WGS 84 (EPSG:4326)
Vertical Extent {"maxVerticalExtent": "15", "verticalDomainName": "sea level", "minVerticalExtent": "15"}
Provenance information Centre for Climate & Air Pollution Studies, NUI Galway, Ireland
Period of time covered (begin) 2020-01-01
Period of time covered (end) 2020-12-31

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