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Karst is a landscape with distinctive landforms that develop on rock types that are readily dissolved by water. In Ireland, karstification mostly occurs in limestone regions.

This karst dataset contains mapped karst landforms in Ireland including: boreholes, caves, dry valleys, enclosed depressions, estavelles, springs, superficial solution features, swallow holes and turloughs. It is displayed as point features, locating the centre (or, in the case of a cave, the entrance) of the karst landform, and records details of the landforms dimensions and functioning.

Data are derived from GSI fieldwork and surveys, Academia and Consultants. It is NOT a comprehensive database and represents only areas that have been mapped by GSI, or third parties whose data have been processed. Many karst features are not included in this database. The user should not rely only on this database, and should undertake their own site study for karst features in the area of interest if needed.

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