Greater Dublin Area Cycle Infrastructure

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This dataset contains cycle infrastructure in the Greater Dublin Area (GDA). Data stems from work undertaken on behalf of the NTA to:

  • re-categorise the 2013 street survey with infrastructure types: segregated cycle track, bus lane with cycle lane, etc.

  • include links inputted by the NTA in the course of developing and maintaining the journey planner

  • include NTA funded completed cycle infrastructure 2013-2021

The Zipped files may be downloaded and opened with software such as QGIS and Google Earth. The categorisation methodology and attributes are provided as attachments. See the attributes document for a description of the fields. The original dataset first published in 2020 with data provided by the NTA here: This has been updated with data provided by the NTA in November 2021.

To convert these files to other formats, or different projects, please see the wiki here:

Data Resources (7)

File contains all files required to view NTA Dublin Bikelife Bike Lanes in, for example, Google Earth Pro....
This documents the attributes in the dataset
NTA Cycle Lane Categorisation Methodology 2019
CSV file generated from SHP file (shows the fields available)
KML map representation
Datastore resource derived from "greater-dublin-area-cycle-lanes-nta" in [this...
WMS publishing of the GeoServer layer "greater-dublin-area-cycle-lanes-nta" stored in [this...

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