Flood Studies Update (FSU) Physical Catchment Descriptors (ungauged)

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Abstract: This data shows the metrics derived for the Flood Studies Update (FSU) Programme relating to the ungauged catchment outlines. This includes different land uses, soil types, and average annual rainfalls for each ungauged catchment but also metrics regarding the Blueline River Network itself. These statistics have become what are now known as physical catchment descriptors (PCDs). A PCD describes a characteristic of a catchment as a single number. A list of the most commonly used PCDs in the FSU methodologies are summarised as follows; Catchment Area (AREA), Standard Period Average Annual Rainfall (SAAR), Baseflow Index derived from Soils (BFIsoil), Flood Attenuation from Reservoirs and Lakes (FARL), Drain Density (DRAIND), Mainstream Slope (S1085), Arterial Drainage Index (ARTDRAIN2) and Proportion of Urban Landcover Extent (URBEXT).

Purpose: The data has been developed to inform the Flood Studies Update (FSU) Programme. The FSU is a programme of research and development, undertaken by the Office of Public Works (OPW), to provide improved methods of extreme rainfall and flood estimation at both gauged and ungauged river locations in the Republic of Ireland.

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