Local authority ESB Connections do not include second-hand houses acquired by them. New units acquired under Part V, Planning & Development Acts 2000-2008 for local authority rental purposes are included. Voluntary & co-operative housing consists of housing provided under the capital loan & subsidy and capital assistance schemes. Data on this variable was not available until 1993. ESB Connections data series are based on the number of new dwellings connected by ESB Networks to the electricity supply and may not accord precisely with local authority boundaries. These represent the number of homes completed and available, and do not reflect any work-in progress. For the first 6 months of 2005, direct comparisons cannot be made with 2006, as those figures included some units built in 2005. ESB Networks have indicated that there was a higher backlog in work-in-progress in 2005 than usual ( estimated as being in the region of 5,000 units). This backlog was cleared through the connection of an additional 2,000 houses in Quarter 1 2006 and 3,000 houses in Quarter 2 2006. Due to circumstances beyond the Department's control it has not been possible to obtain a separate set of figures for the first two quarters of 2005.. Direct comparisons cannot be made between pre 2009 and post 2010 data onwards. Up to 2010, completions relating to long term voids and demountables were included as new build completions. For 2009 Q1 Social housing, while there were 39 Voluntary and Co-operative units completed in Limerick City in Q1 2009, they were represented by 10 ESB connections due to the nature of the units (emergency units). 28 Voluntary and cooperative units were completed in Carlow in Q1 2011 however due to their nature they only represented 1 ESB connection 20 Voluntary and cooperative units were completed in Galway City in Q3 2011 however due to their nature they only represented 1 ESB connection The most current data is published on these sheets. Previously published data may be subject to revision. Any change from the originally published data will be highlighted by a comment on the cell in question. These comments will be maintained for at least a year after the date of the value change.

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