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Published by: Dublin City Council
Category: Arts
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Dublin Canvas is a public art initiative that adds colour throughout the Dublin region. Artists apply for and win commissions to design and deliver their art pieces on previously grey traffic control boxes. There are 628 boxes located throughout Dublin's four local authority areas. For more information on the Dublin Canvas initiative see: www.dublincanvas.com

This dataset includes: artist name, artwork title, locations of each artwork, and links to artwork image and profile pages. Created December 2021.

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Dublin Canvas public art locations throughout Dublin region.
Dublin Canvas public art locations
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GeoJSON version of the Dublin Canvas file
Datastore resource derived from "Dublin canvas" in [this resource](a3971f73-8b13-4a6c-bc78-9421780679c4), available...
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Data Resource Preview - Dublin Canvas public art locations

Theme Arts
Date released 2021-12-09
Date updated 2024-02-08
Update frequency Annual
Language English
Landing page https://data.smartdublin.ie/dataset/dublin-canvas-public-art
Geographic coverage Dublin City and County
Spatial Reference Systems (SRS) WGS 84 (EPSG:4326)
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