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Please see FAQ for latest information on COVID-19 Data Hub data flows: to the surge of cases over the Christmas period 2021, and increased processing times, updates of the Local Electoral Area (LEA) data were paused. Updates of the LEA map of the most recent 14-day period resumed on 17th February 2022 (cases up to midnight 14th February 2022). This data includes confirmed cases (PCR) only and does not include positive antigen results uploaded to the HSE portal.From the week of 30th May 2022 LEA data will no longer be updated.Please refer to the FAQ page for more information.14 Day Incidence of confirmed COVID-19 cases by LEA.This hosted feature view provides a visualisation of the 14 Day Incidence rate per 100k population of COVID-19 cases at the Local Electoral Area (LEA) level across Ireland. In total, there are 166 LEA's across Ireland.Please note: For confidentiality reasons, following consultation with the CSO, all LEA's with values below 5 have been suppressed to 'Less than 5'. Where a rate per 100k is set to 'Less than 5' it means that the LEA has a 14 Day incidence below 5 and its value has been suppressed to show 'Less than 5'. This is not an indication of zero (0) confirmed cases. For a proportion of notified COVID-19 cases, their location on the map may reflect their place of work rather than their home address. Confirmed cases have been geo-coded and allocated to Local Electoral Areas (LEA's) by the Health Intelligence Unit (HIU) at the HSE.This service is used in Ireland's COVID-19 Data Hub, produced as a collaboration between Tailte Éireann, the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government, the Department of Health, the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC), and the All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO). This service and Ireland's COVID-19 Data Hub are built using the GeoHive platform, Ireland's Geospatial Data Hub. 

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