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Bleeper Bike is a bike share scheme in operation in Dublin City. Bicycles may be rented from and returned to designated cycle stands inside the designated area. The designated area and bicycle stands data are available as static resources (geoJSON attachments) and are also highlighted in the map explorer visualisation below. The API provides current locations of the ca. 500 bikes in operation in the Dublin area and is updated every 5 minutes. There are also rollups of historic bike location data (30 minutes granularity) available as downloadable CSV resources.

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Resource: Bleeperbike historical data 102020


Bleeperbike bike sharing scheme. Historical data for bike locations, October 2020.

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
id numeric ID

Unique record id

harvest_time timestamp Harvest time

Data retrieval timestamp

lock_id numeric Lock ID

Unique lock id

client_id numeric Client ID
frame_id numeric Frame ID

Unique frame id

type numeric Type

Comunication technology (GPRS and/or Bluetooth)

lock_state numeric Lock state

1 open, 0 closed

longitude numeric Longitude

Bike longitude

latitude numeric Latitude

Bike latitude

status numeric Status

0 display, 1 hiding

visible numeric Visible

0 display, 1 hiding

alarm numeric Alarm

Alarm status

region numeric Region

Id of the are the vehicle is located

update_time timestamp Update time

Bike last update time

vehicle_type numeric Vehicle type

0 bike, 1 scooter

Additional Information

Last updated October 27, 2020
Created unknown
Format CSV
License cc-by
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