As part of a review of the Solar Planning Exemptions set out in the Planning and Development Regulations 2001, the Department in conjunction with relevant statutory stakeholders (namely the Irish aviation Authority (IAA), Department of Defence and the HSE) considered the impact of glint and/or glare from solar panels on aviation receptors.  Having regard to the potential glint and/or glare impact on aviation receptors, the designation of Solar Safeguarding Zones (SSZs) around certain airports (5km zone), aerodromes/ military barracks (3km zone), emergency helipads (3km zone) was required in order to provide appropriate safeguards in close proximity to aviation sites.

43 SSZs were introduced within which a rooftop limit on solar panels continues to apply:

10 SSZs with 5km zones (airports) 33 SSZs with 3km zones (aerodromes/ military barracks/ hospital helipads).

The geographical area of the Solar Safeguarding Zones are delineated and defined by Statute in Schedule 1 (a map or maps of the areas) and Schedule 2 (a list of the townlands in question / a description of the areas) of the Planning and Development (Solar safeguarding Zone) Regulation 2022 (S.I. No. 492 of 2022).

The maps are also available to view in more detail on a non-statutory basis on

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