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This dataset contains data from Roscommon County Council’s Annual Budget. The budget is comprised of Tables A to F and Appendix 1. Each table is represented by a separate data file. Dataset Name: Budget 2016: Appendix 1, Dataset Publisher: Roscommon County Council, Dataset Language: English, Date of Creation: November 2015, Last Updated: November 2015, Update Frequency : Annual, The published annual budget document can be viewed at 1 is the Summary of the Central Management Charge. It contains: ‘Expenditure’ for each Central Management ‘Service’ for the Budget Year, ‘Expenditure’ for each Central Management ‘Service’ for the previous Year, Data fields for Appendix 1 are as follows – Heading :  Indicates sections in the Table – Ap pendix 1 is comprised of one section, therefore Heading value for all records = 1, Ref : Service Reference, Desc : Service Description, CY_Exp : Expenditure for Budget Year, PY_Exp : Expenditure for previous Financial Year, Roscommon County Council provides this information with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct or complete. Roscommon County Council accepts no liability for any loss or damage suffered by those using this data for any purpose.

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