Accessible Parking Spaces DCC

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Accessible Parking Spaces on roads and streets.

This dataset outlines the disabled parking bays on streets and roads within the Dublin City Council administrative area. Fields include an street name, location and location coordinates for some 501 'General' accessible parking spaces. General accessible parking spaces are aimed at Disabled Person's Parking Card holders who may live locally or are visiting from elsewhere. Caveat: Please note accessible parking spaces can be impacted by road works, development projects and events and as a result may be suspended/relocated at short notice, e.g. changes may have been made to on-street parking to facilitate COVID mobility measures and disabled persons’ parking may have been relocated to an suitable alternative location. Therefore a small number of locations/descriptions may not be fully up to date/ accurate. This is a living document and will continue to be updated to account for these and other changes subject to provision of relevant data.

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