Multi-Supplier Framework now available for Open Data Technical Assistance/Support for Public Bodies

Under Ireland’s Open Data Initiative and as set out in Ireland’s Open Data Strategy 2017-2022 launched on July 14th 2017 following Government approval, public bodies are to identify and publish appropriate datasets on the web as Open Data which can be linked to the national Open Data Portal at

Engagement Fund: Objective Quality of Life Index based on Open Data - Brian O'Mullane - Creme Software


Often standard of living is emphasised over quality of life, in part due to the fact that it is easier to measure, whereas quality of life gives the better measure of the success of society. With the resolution of the quality of life measures based at a community level, a better understanding of what initiatives and environment are working to improve people's lives can be understood.

Engagement Fund: Agricultural Correlations from Open Data - John O'Brien, Creme Software


The aim of our project was to make it easier to explore agricultural open data and thereby increase public engagement with the data themselves and with the open data project generally.

We downloaded the most relevant of the more than 100 databases stored under the Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry and Food section. Although in the site many of the databases are only stored as .json or .px files, we found most of them are available as downloadable csv which are easier to study.

Engagement Fund: Re-calling outcomes from 1st Irish Citizen Workshop on Open Data & Hospital Waiting Lists and launching Workshop no 2 - Open Knowledge Ireland


On Saturday March 25th 2017, Open Knowledge Ireland held the first Open Data Citizen Workshop on Hospital Waiting Lists in Ireland. The workshop was well attended with citizens of different professional backgrounds and a shared interest in exploring and understanding the existing data on Hospital Waiting Lists as well as looking at the actual patient journey to see where opportunities for Open Data present themselves.

Publication of 'Open Data Strategy 2017-2022' blog by Emer Coleman

As Chair of the Open Data Governance Board, I am delighted to welcome the publication of the Open Data Strategy 2017-2022 which was developed by the Board in conjunction with the Open Data Unit in the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform and in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including public bodies, business, research/academia, library and information professionals and civil society.

Visit the Open Data Exhibition Stand at the Data Summit on 15/16 June 2017

The Minister for Data Protection and the Government Data Forum are hosting the Data Summit on 15 and 16 June this year in the Convention Centre Dublin and the Open Data Unit is delighted to have the opportunity to host an exhibition stand at the event to highlight the Open Data Portal and Open Data Initiative generally. A short exhibitor talk will be given on the portal at 13.15pm on Thursday 15th June.

The Summit brings together a range of stakeholders, nationally and internationally, to discuss some of the key issues arising from the ever expanding role of data in modern life.