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    Taxi stands located within the Dublin City Council administrative area, per the Street Service Vehicles (Taxi) Bye-Laws 2015 which came into effect November 2015. The files contain information including descriptive locations, the number of spaces available per stand, the...
  • Location of 31 Variable Message Signs (VMS) within Dublin City Council administrative area.  This dataset contains information about VMS Equipment Id, Location Name, Latitude and Longitude.
  • Location of 227 CCTV traffic poles within Dublin City Council administrative area.  This dataset contains Road_1, Latitude and Longitude values.
    Permanent public artworks in Dublin city, owned by Dublin City Council. An artwork is defined as a sculpture, statue, or memorial. The dataset includes latitude/ longitude points, a description of each piece of art and a link to where it can be found on Google Maps. All of...
    Inferred locations of traffic lights from Dublin City Council SCATs traffic management system. Location descriptions and Lat/ Long coordinates for SCATs sensors in Dublin City Council area and environs are provided. This dataset does not give location details for each and...
    Bicycle traffic volumes from cycle counters in Dublin city. Bike counter include one Totem counter (Grove Road) and Eco-Multi counters using Zelt Diamond loop in a number of other locations. Locations include: Drumcondra, Charleville Mall, North Strand Rd, Guild Street,...
    Pedestrian footfall counts of people at a number of locations in Dublin city. Passersby are counted and logged every hour, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week using a network of PYRO-Box people counters located throughout central Dublin. Data is provided by Dublin City Council...
    Traffic volumes data across Dublin City from the SCATS traffic management system. The Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS) is an intelligent transportation system used to manage timing of signal phases at traffic signals. SCATS uses sensors at each traffic signal...
    This monthly report is from our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Ballymount. On this report is the amount of mixed dry recyclables which are collected at our bring centres. These figures are only for materials DCC collect. The trucks bring the mixed dry recyclables to the...
    AES Bord na Móna Green Waste Report. Biodegradable wastes (from garden and park wastes) collected by AES on behalf of DCC. The weights are in tonnes.
    Tonnages for street cleaning carried out by Thornton's on behalf of DCC. This data is published monthly and the monthly files are rolled up into an annual file.
    Glass Packaging Recycling from the public bring bank network
    Dublinbikes: Real Time API, Near Real Time API, and Historical Data Dublin Bikes is a bike sharing scheme in operation from bicycle docks and stations in Dublin City. This page provides access to 2 APIs: 1) Dublinbikes API by Derilinx which provides near real time data and...
    A list showing locations of bottle banks in the the Dublin City Council area. Locations of bring banks for garments are also listed.
    This report sets out the results of the National Litter Pollution Monitoring System (System Results) for Dublin City Council. These results are compared to national results and aggregate results for all Dublin councils. Data presented in this report are based on Litter...
    CSV & GeoJSON datasets of DCC's public bin locations.
    Every November Dublin City Council (DCC) conducts traffic counts at 33 locations on entry points into the city centre around a 'cordon' formed by the Royal and Grand Canals. As the name suggests, the cordon has been chosen to ensure (as far as possible) that any person...
    API which provides data for the Dublin City Council monitors only. Also URL Link for County Dublin (SDCC Fingal and DLR)
    Dublin City Council measures ambient sound quality throughout Dublin with a network of sound monitors. This datasets consists of spreadsheets and raw data taken from monitoring sites around Dublin City. The sound level meters store continuous 5 minute sound pressure levels,...
    FixYourStreet.ie reports text/html;FixYourStreet.ie is a service through which you can report issues to any Irish local authority. FixYourStreet is built on the Ushahidi platform and an API is available to interact with the service in a structured manner. The Ushahidi...
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