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    The IMAGIN study has concluded that a number of areas with potential to support marine aggregate extraction exist within the Irish Sea and that marine aggregates can contribute to the sustainable management of demand and future use of aggregates in Ireland.
    The Real Map of Ireland represents Ireland's marine territory of over 220 million acres which is ten times the size of the island of Ireland. The currently designated Irish Continental Shelf, represented by the red line on the map. shows Ireland's current territorial waters...
    Up to 300,000 smolts (from various Irish hatcheries, including Burrishoole and wild fish from the Corrib river) are tagged annually and the data in relation to this tagging process is on file since 1980. The hatcheries involved are ESB facilitieson the Erne at Carrigadrohid,...
    The Accessible Wave Energy Resource Atlas 2005 describes an initial comparison between several years of hourly wave forecasts (using WAM) on a grid of points located off the Irish coast with corresponding records from a number of buoys installed in recent years. The report...
    This dataset contains a register of Aquaculture Businesses listed obtained Fish Health Authorisation from the Marine Institute. All Registers are published and presented in accordance with the models outlined in COMMISSION DECISION 2008/392/EC of 30 April 2008 implementing...
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