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Details of Bathing Water Quality monitoring at Fingal's beaches for 2010 to 2018 bathing season. (Omitting 2011 data unavailable)The European Union set standards for the quality of bathing water in member states. Fingal County Council monitors the water at the beaches from mid-May to September every year. Information is made available to the public on the total number of 3 different bacteria i.e. total coliforms, E.Coli and faecal streptococci present in the water. These bacteria are not visible and so water samples are taken and tested in a laboratory. The number of bacteria in a 100ml sample of seawater is recorded. Samples are taken at least every two weeks.Legal StandardThe Total Coliform count must be less than 10,000 per 100ml., E.coli must be less than 2,000 per 100ml. (It is not required to monitor Faecal Streptococci for this standard). This limit should not be exceeded by more than 5% of samples or in two consecutive samples. Throughout the season 80% of samples should have less than 5,000 Total coliforms and less than 1,000 E.coli per 100ml.Blue Flag StatusThe EU sets much stricter guidelines values for beaches to achieve Blue Flag status. The Total Coliform count must be less than or equal to 500 in 100mls of seawater. (For 80% of samples throughout the season). E.coli must be less than or equal to 100 per 100ml. (For 80% of samples throughout the season). Faecal Streptococci must be less than or equal to 100 per 100ml. (For 90% of samples throughout the season).for up to date information look on www.beaches.ie as live data available.

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