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This data represents water quality of a selection of river and stream sites in South Dublin County.The samples are collected at a monthly frequency and are collected by South Dublin County Council staff and analysed by Dublin City Council’s accredited laboratory on Marrowbone Lane in Dublin City. This dataset reports for samples taken during the period: 01/01/2014 - 30/08/2022.Samples are primarily collected to determine compliance against environmental quality standards in the legislation, S.I. No. 272/2009 - European Communities Environmental Objectives (Surface Waters) Regulations 2009, and precursor phosphate regulations. The monthly collection of samples also allows for the trend testing across monthly, season and yearly quantities.  The laboratory does not operate on Saturday or Sunday which places a constraint for samples to be delivered to the lab from Wednesday to Friday to facilitate the BOD5 day test. Microbiological parameters are not collected due to similar laboratory constraints. If you have any queries relating to this dataset, please contact the Water & Drainage section in South Dublin County Council by emailing 

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Data Dictionary

Column Cineál Label Description
OBJECTID numeric
Sampling_Point text
X numeric
Y numeric
Sampled_Date timestamp
Received_Date timestamp
Sample_Number numeric
Field7 text
Ammonia_mg_l_as_N text
Arsenic_µg_l numeric
B_O_D__mg_l text
C_O_D__mg_l text
Chloride_mg_l numeric
Colour__Hazen numeric
Conductivity__20_C__µS_cm numeric
Dissolved_Oxygen___Sat_ numeric
Dissolved_Oxygen_mg_l numeric
Nitrate_mg_l_as_N text
Nitrite_mg_l_as_N text
pH numeric
Phosphorus__React__mg_l_as_P text
Sulphate_mg_l text
Suspended_Solids_mg_l text
Temperature__C numeric
TON_mg_l_as_N text
Total_Alkalinity_mgCaCO3_l numeric
Total_B_O_D__mg_l text
Total_Hardness_mgCaCO3_l numeric
Total_Phosphorus_mg_l_as_P text

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