Mean Theoretical Wave Energy Resource MWhr

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This dataset represents an initial comparison between several years of hourly wave forecasts (using WAM) on a grid of points located off the Irish coast with corresponding records from a number of buoys installed pre 2005. Based on the level of agreement found the wave forecasts were then modified slightly and used to estimate the mean annual and seasonal (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) theoretical wave energy resource around Ireland for the Accessible Wave Energy Resource Atlas. The Mean Theoretical Wave Energy resource (Pelamis) values are measured as lower and upper values in MW/hr as calculated by the Pelamis wave model. Mean Theoretical Wave Energy covers an area known as the Irish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Data model produced in 2005. The Pelamis Wave Model was an oceanographic model using the Pelamis wave energy converter device. The Accessible Wave Energy Resource Atlas was produced to provide data and information on the accessible wave energy resource potential around Ireland. Wave model developed by ESB International (ESBI) as part of the Accessible Wave Energy Atlas Ireland published by the Marine Institute and Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland. Model completed for time period run

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