Ireland's BioBlitz

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Records of all species recorded during Ireland's BioBlitz

Geographic Coverage: The island of Ireland

Temporal Coverage: 2011 onwards

Species Groups recorded: liverwort, bacterium, quillwort, insect - hymenopteran, protozoan, hairworm (Nematomorpha), insect - true bug (Hemiptera), false scorpion (Pseudoscorpion, foraminiferan, slime mould, bony fish (Actinopterygii), comb jelly (Ctenophora), insect - moth, jawless fish (Agnatha), lichen, spider (Araneae), Invertebrates - terrestrial an, insect - beetle (Coleoptera), insect - caddis fly (Trichopte, stonewort, alga, terrestrial mammal, millipede, flatworm (Turbellaria), cartilagenous fish (Chondricht, rotifer, echinoderm, insect - scorpion fly (Mecopte, bird, sponge (Porifera), insect - thrips (Thysanoptera), insect - butterfly, insect - mayfly (Ephemeroptera, insect - true fly (Diptera), peanut worm (Sipuncula), crustacean, conifer, diatom, insect - orthopteran, tunicate (Urochordata), arrow worm (Chaetognatha), annelid, marine mammal, tapeworm (Cestoda), mollusc, bryozoan, insect - alderfly (Megaloptera, acarine (Acari), insect - lacewing (Neuroptera), ribbon worm (Nemertinea), flowering plant, harvestman (Opiliones), coelenterate (=cnidarian), insect - silverfish (Thysanura, reptile, ginkgo, centipede, insect - dragonfly (Odonata), hornwort, moss, insect - earwig (Dermaptera), horsetail, springtail (Collembola), clubmoss, fungus, fungoid, fern, insect - stonefly (Plecoptera), insect - flea (Siphonaptera), insect - bristletail (Archaeog, amphibian

Dataset Status: Complete

Additional Information: For additional information on Ireland's BioBlitz see

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Eolas Dualfhoinse The quality is high. Data were most collected by recognised experts and all records have been validated. Data Capture Method: Principally field observations of species encountered Data Capture Purpose: Part of the BioBlitz event involves different sites competing against one another to see which site could record the most species over a 24 hour period. BioBlitz is held annually and is intended to raise awareness of biodiversity recording and conservation. Original Format: Spreadsheet & Recorder 6
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