Salmon Fishery Status

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The Technical Expert Group on Salmon (TEGOS) assesses the status of stocks annually in designated salmon rivers and issues associated catch advice for the following season using data from salmon angling and commercial catch records, fish counters and other sources to determine whether these stocks are meeting their respective conservation limits and to identify whether a surplus of salmon is available to be sustainably fished. Conservation limits are essentially the minimum number of returning adult salmon a river should have to ensure its stock remains sustainable.  For a number of rivers with a sizeable multi-sea-winter (MSW) stock component, catch advice is issued separately for 1SW (grilse) and MSW stocks.  Where stocks are below the conservation limit, catch-&-release-only fishing or closure of the fishery may be advised.  This scientific catch advice is presented to salmon fishery managers for decision-making on fishery status. Following a public consultation period, the fishery status and total allowable catch for salmon rivers are implemented in legislation each December for the following year.   Salmon rivers may also be subject to further bye-laws on opening & closing dates, bag limits, permitted methods, tag requirements, etc.  More information on salmon angling regulations can be found at  Salmon angling licenses may be purchased online at or at local IFI offices.  More information on the National Salmon Assessment and related annual reports can be found at Map of the 2024 statuses can be found here: Salmon Fishery Status 2024Map of statuses from 2019 onwards can be found here: Salmon Fishery Status

Field Name

Field Alias

Field Type

Field Description


Fishery District


Name of the regional fishery board district where the salmon river is located; salmon license sales and rod catch reporting is administered based on fishery districts.


Salmon River


Name of the salmon river system.


Year of Advice


Year for which the advice is issued.


Fishery Status


The angling status of the salmon fishery; as legislated by the Minister following consultation process with stakeholders, fishery managers and TEGOS members.


Brown Tag Fishery


Indicates whether salmon river is a designated brown tag fishery: in addition to the standard blue tag, anglers are also required to attach brown tags to salmon that they keep in some fisheries.


Notes on Status


Additional notes on the angling status, e.g., opening/closing dates, changes in status during the year


Angling Information


Link to salmon angling information for the river where available on

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