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This file contains original variables from Theme 1 Population from Census 2011 and a series of additional variables produced by AIRO such as percentage rates, ratios etc. The file includes data on Total Population, Gender, Age Groups and Dependency Ratios for the 18,488 Small Areas in the Republic of Ireland.

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URL: http://airo.maynoothuniversity.ie/files/dDATASTORE/small_areas/theme_1_small_areas.csv

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Datacode numeric
SA_NAME numeric
Electoral Division CSO Code text
Electoral Division Name text
County text
NUTS_II text
Planning Region text
Total_Population_2011 numeric
Male_Population_2011 numeric
Female_Population_2011 numeric
Perc_Male_Population_2011 numeric
Perc_Female_Population_2011 numeric
Age_Band_0_4_2011 numeric
Age_Band_5_9_2011 numeric
Age_Band_10_14_2011 numeric
Age_Band_15_19_2011 numeric
Perc_Age_Band_0_4_2011 numeric
Perc_Age_Band_5_9_2011 numeric
Perc_Age_Band_10_14_2011 numeric
Perc_Age_Band_15_19_2011 numeric
Age_Band_0_14_2011 numeric
Age_Band_15_24_2011 numeric
Age_Band_25_44_2011 numeric
Age_Band_45_64_2011 numeric
Age_Band_15_64_2011 numeric
Age_Band_65plus_2011 numeric
Perc_Age_Band_0_14_2011 numeric
Perc_Age_Band_15_24_2011 numeric
Perc_Age_Band_25_44_2011 numeric
Perc_Age_Band_45_64_2011 numeric
Perc_Age_Band_15_64_2011 numeric
Perc_Age_Band_65plus_2011 numeric
Total_Dependency_Ratio_2011 numeric
Young_Dependency_Ratio_2011 numeric
Old_Dependency_Ratio_2011 numeric
Total_Single_2011 numeric
Total_Married_2011 numeric
Total _Separated_2011 numeric
Total_Divorced_2011 numeric
Total_Widowed_2011 numeric
Perc_Single_2011 numeric
Perc_Married_2011 numeric
Perc_Separated_2011 numeric
Perc_Divorced_2011 numeric
Perc_Widowed_2011 numeric

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