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Under Local government legislation the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government is responsible for dividing each city, county, and city and county into local electoral areas. Each county, city and city and county is divided into Local Electoral Areas (LEAs) and members of local authorities are elected in these. LEAs and the number of members to be elected in each are specified in a statutory instrument for each local authority area. In general, LEAs are formed by aggregating Electoral Divisions. Local Electoral Areas dataset generated from the 2019 OSi National Statutory Boundary dataset. Ungeneralised.Coordinate Reference System: Irish Transverse Mercator.Note : The current Local Electoral Areas and Municipal Districts, except for Cork, reflect the changes as defined in LOCAL ELECTORAL AREAS AND MUNICIPAL DISTRICT ORDERS 2018. S.I.NO27/2019 City Of Cork Local Electoral Areas Order describes the Local Electoral Areas set out in the schedule for the City of Cork, as provided for in the Local Government Act 2019S.I. No. 28/2019 - County Of Cork Local Electoral Areas And Municipal Districts Order 2019 describes the Local Electoral Areas and Municipal Districts set out in the schedule for the County of Cork

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