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This feature service contains the up to date Covid-19 Daily Statistics as well as the Profile of Covid-19 Daily Statistics for Ireland, as reported by the Health Surveillance Protection Centre.The Covid-19 Daily Statistics are updated on a daily basis, with the latest record reporting the counts recorded at 1pm the same day.The further breakdown of these counts (age, gender, transmission, etc.) is part of a Daily Statistics Profile of Covid-19, an analysis that utilises the data that dates back to 12am two days previous to help identify patterns and trends.The primary Date applies to the following fields:ConfirmedCovidCases, TotalConfirmedCovidCases, ConfirmedCovidDeaths, TotalCovidDeaths, ConfirmedCovidRecovered, TotalCovidRecovered.The StatisticProfileDate applies to the following fields:CovidCasesConfirmed, HospitalisedCovidCases, RequiringICUCovidCases, HealthcareWorkersCovidCases,Clusters Notified,HospitalisedAged5,HospitalisedAged5to14,HospitalisedAged15to24,HospitalisedAged25to34,HospitalisedAged35to44,HospitalisedAged45to54,HospitalisedAged55to64,HospitalisedAged65up,Male, Female, Unknown, Aged1, Aged1to4, Aged5to14, Aged15to24, Aged25to34, Aged35to44, Aged45to54, Aged55to64, Aged65up, MedianAgeCommunityTransmission, CloseContact, TravelAbroad, UnderInvestigation.

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Date dataset released 2020-03-31
Date dataset updated 2020-07-23
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Comments [6 ]

Confirmed Covid Cases vs Total Confirmed Covid Cases Created 09.27.2020 01:49

Why is there a difference between the sum of Confirmed Covid Cases and the latest Total Confirmed Covid Cases value? Isn't Total Confirmed Covid Cases supposed to be a cumulative total?

Data refresh time Created 09.15.2020 15:50

The description above indicates that the data is updated on a daily basis, with the latest record reporting the counts recorded at 1pm the same day.

Daily data refresh time and weekend data Created 06.08.2020 08:01

Thank you for the provision of this dataset. Could you tell me approximately what time the data is refreshed each day and if it is refreshed over the weekend?

Deaths by age and living arrangements (i.e. community or residential setting) is not provided Created 05.21.2020 09:22

The data has omitted a breakdown of deaths by age and/or living arrangements. This information has been provided in some nightly updates and is important in understanding how Covid-19 is affecting the Irish population.

Missing the most important data Created 05.09.2020 13:19

This data set is missing the most important variable, namely deaths by age. Cases by age are clearly related to the amount of testing performed. People displaying no symptoms won’t usually be tested. Deaths however may be a more reliable set of data even though co-morbidities act as confounders. Please provide death by age data.

Date information formatting Created 04.30.2020 10:24

Thanks for frequently uploading this data.  The formatting of date elements has changed since the update on the 2020-04-28, it does not write correctly to csv or GeoJSON.