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    Pre Paid onstreet car parking tickets for Dublin City. Weekly summary of onstreet parking tickets 'parking tags' purchased online or instore in the City Region. Idicated how many open accounts have been closed that week. Shows the amount spent on parking tags in a week and the...
    SCATS Detector Volume data Feb - April 2018 on a per hour basis per detector per site. Columns are; End_Time (datatime, null) Region (nvarchar(64), not null) Site (smallint, not null) Detector (tiny, not null) Sum_Volume(smallint, not null) Avg_Volume(smallint, not null)
    This dataset provides detailed information relating to bus stops used by companies who operate under the aegis of the National Transport Authority (NTA). Data relating to poles, shelters and Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) signage are provided. The dataset consists of...
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