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    Fishery Harbour Centre means any area defined by an Order for the time being in force under section 2 of the Fisheries Harbour Centre Act 1968 (including amendments post 1968) and declared by such order to be a fishery harbour centre. This Act provides for the establishment...
    Contact details for Elected representatives.
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    Local Elections 2014 Results Local elections are generally held every five years. At these elections, members of the local community elect Councillors to represent the community in local authorities. The actual polling day, which must be in May or June, is the same in all...
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    Live Register, Dependency ratios & Economic status statistics at regional level, from AIRO Live Register' All ages on live register by month, 2000-2010' People under 25 years of age on live register by month 2008-2010' People aged 25 years and over on live register by...
    Residential Property Price Register The Register includes information on residential properties purchased in Ireland since the 1st January 2010, as declared to the Revenue Commissioners for stamp duty purposes by the person(s) acquiring the property. The details given for each...
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    Polling stations in Dublin City Council Extract from Dublin.ie community mapping and is a list of polling places for the childrens referendum on the 10th November 2012
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